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Heresy Version 2 
Halo 10 Further Down the Spiral

"Do You Believe in Miracles? No, not really."
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 Sex Leather Chains God BelievBelieversers
Watch the Video that NINE INCH NAILS Sampled on Heresy (version) Re-mix
Sex and Religion
This video inspired NINE INCH NAILS. They used- "Do you believe in Miracles", "No not really"- from Aron Ranen's RELIGION IN SUBURBIA documentary.
Ever wonder who are the voices sampled by NINE INCH NAILS on Further Down the Spiral (import) Hersesy (version) Re-mix by Charlie Clouser?
Get the Video Sex and Religion and find out!!!  

SEX AND RELIGION is a collection of Three documentaries produced and directed by Aron Ranen.  All three are available for one price-$19.95.

Religion in Suburbia 

(Sample Source for Nine Inch Nails)
Interviews with Reform Jews in Newton Massachusetts about GOD, Death and the Universe are intercut with Video of their temple's activities.  The conflict between these suburbanites beliefs and their religious practices is the subject of this intriguing documentary.

Do You Believe in Miracles?

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NIN Sampled for Heresy (version) Re-mix

Suburban Submission

An inside look at a suburban housewife who splits her time between PTA meetings and her S&M activities.  Interviews with her 17 year old daughter are also included in this off-beat documentary

By day She looks like a librarian , at night she wears leather and ties her boyfriend up.

Portraits: Two Male Prostitutes

A documentary about two 18 year old male transvestite prostitutes one of whom has been hustling since the age of 13.

Teen Runaways turn to the sex industry to make a living.

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